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It is the service professions that will be impacted – very impacted.

In the cutthroat world of marketing, a bizarre trend is emerging : pros are taking refuge behind ChatGPT to fill their creative void and generating miles of insipid text intended to be referenced by Google. You must have noticed all these long, uninteresting articles with an enticing title that really attracted you — affectionately named in the world of “putaclics” titles. Examples :

  • They were laughing when I wrote this article – But as soon as I published it…
  • Here are the best-kept growth hacking secrets in the world
  • The best way to attract more customers
  • The sad truth about your clickbait
  • The secret to the perfect tweet
  • etc…

Since the end of 2023, with the advent of ChatGpt and of Midjourney, we see a wealth of content — sometimes interesting, often magnificent. However, the content creation industry is struggling to tame these new inflationary phenomena, and companies no longer understand where the value lies. In other words, if you can generate an original image in a few seconds, a complex and documented text in a few minutes, what is the use of your expertise ? For my part, I am amused to see how close a Midjourney is to a creative brief. More synthetic, okay, but it’s definitely a brief. We have the subject, the style, the angle of view, the chromatic dominant, the plan, main, secondary, etc…

In short, let’s say that good design is an emotion made tangible that we choose from among an infinite number of creative iterations. AI can offer creative raw material : texts and images, but the crucial step where we will have to make a choice is a dizzying moment reserved for us humans — because it is deeply organic, risky.


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