June 28, 2022 : World Capital Letter Day

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June 28 is dedicated to capital letters and, on a computer keyboard, writing entirely in capital letters is shouting, showing anger…

Virtual howl

This day was established by Derek Arnold in 2000, on this day it is allowed to “shout” on your keyboard, writing entirely in CAPITALS on forums and on social networks. This is what we call Caps Lock Day (we lock the caps key). Which obviously only works for those who have a working keyboard.

At Webocube, we are against it !

And then there are those who make Powerpoints or Word documents with titles in capital letters whose layout we need to review. So, we have to extract each sentence one by one, to revert them to lowercase in a text editor and paste the result back into their original place… Because it is easy to create a style to change lowercase sentences to capitals, but the opposite is absolutely not possible.

Everything is explained very well in the video below.


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