Thematic mini-websites

Strengthening the online presence and internal networking The creation of thematic mini-websites makes it possible to expand the content around specific themes, improving SEO thanks to better internal networking and the quality of the content. Amazon, with its sites dedicated to niches such as children’s books or gadgets […]

Online and 10-point associations

1. Optimize the site for SEO Start with the basics : a well-optimized website. Use relevant keywords related to your industry to improve your search engine rankings. “SEO optimization is not just a strategy, it’s the foundation of your online presence,” as I often say. […]

Optimize SEO and UX
of a website

New fact : since the publication of Google’s Core Web Vitals update, it has become essential to optimize the SEO and UX of a website.

Explore ChatGPT

In the cutthroat world of marketing, a bizarre trend is emerging : pros are taking refuge behind ChatGPT to fill their creative void and generating miles of insipid text intended to be referenced by Google. You must have noticed all these long, uninteresting articles with an enticing title that really attracted you — called […]

Monotype’s New Foundry Program

Creator Benefits Foundries and font designers using Monotype’s Foundry program benefit from a dedicated, customizable page on MyFonts and Monotype Fonts, an analytics dashboard, and self-service tools for manage their typographic creations. Already, more than 1,500 foundries and font creators have […]

23rd American Digital Design Awards

The 23rd edition of the American Digital Design Awards™ saw a record number of entries. The competition, formerly known as ‘Web Design’, has been expanded to promote design excellence more generally. This certainly concerns websites and microsites, but also extends to campaigns on social networks, […]

What the brand ?

Be identified Often, a prospect’s first contact with your company is via a website, a trade show, a business card or an advertisement. They leave a first impression, presenting your business as caring and quality-conscious. Conversely, if these crucial materials appear outdated or unconvincing, prospects […]

Registering your establishment listing on Google and Google Maps

Maximizing visibility : In an ultra-competitive professional context, guaranteeing an optimal presence on Google is a strategic approach. Strengthening credibility : A well-informed and regularly updated establishment profile demonstrates professionalism and rigor appreciated by partners and clients. Interaction with the professional ecosystem : The opinions left can […]

A good impression

The tactile experience of flipping through a beautifully designed magazine remains unmatched. It’s like the difference between watching a film in the cinema or on TV at home, or between those uncomfortable “Zoom drinks” we’ve had during the pandemic and actually going to the pub. In short, if all that […]

TV audiences

Live broadcasts accounted for 20% of the audience and cable 29.6%, reaching historic lows and down 5.4% and 12.5% respectively compared to the same period the previous year. Streaming consumption increased by 2.9% between June and July and increased by 25.3% during […]

Design trends for back to school 2023

For example, when Apple introduced the Retina display with increased pixel density, this technology started a trend toward ultra-thin fonts. On new screens, such fonts could be displayed without distortion and quickly gained popularity around the world. The success of a new trend depends on how […]

Photography and Society : the visual revolution

We read that the invention of photography, much more than a simple technique, transformed our perception of art and the world around us. In “Photography and Society”, Gisèle Freund reveals the workings of this change where photography imposes itself, beyond the simple capture of an image, as a new way of seeing […]

Menopause creates a new aesthetic trend on the market

First there was millennial minimalism. Then there was the maximalism of Gen Z. Whenever a “new market” is clearly defined, an aesthetic eventually follows. But what about later stages of life ?

SEO of a Website : Key Points

SEO, or SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is the art of optimizing a website for search engines like Google. Good SEO is essential to ensure maximum visibility for your site. If you have a WordPress site, here are the key points to consider for optimal SEO. Choice of Keywords : All […]

Plugins for ChatGPT

Microsoft Build is the largest annual conference hosted by Microsoft and is aimed at software developers and engineers using Microsoft technologies. The event was live in Seattle, but sessions were also available online. They announce platform features and provide in-depth sessions to developers and others […]

SEO = Editorial inflation ?

Websites generate an increasing quantity of content, a profusion of pages and articles, often with the aim of improving their SEO, the primary measure of their online visibility. This escalation of articles written like one draws icons : wonderful candies with bright colors intended to make you want to click — no matter why. […]

A content model versus design system

The first important distinction to make is that content models should define semantics rather than layouts — substance before form. Rather than focusing on the appearance of content, a semantic content model uses types and attributes that reflect its meaning (H1, H2, H3, […]

POC : modest innovation

A pilot project (POC for Proof of Concept) is the first iteration of the project development process. Objective : determine if your idea can work in practice, by being both technically feasible and capable of meeting objectives set in advance : profitability, operation, use by the public. There […]

Criteria for evaluating a good designer

Where are the designers ? Most designers live in Designland which is a dictatorship where it is forbidden to use certain fonts. You can find a dissident refugee near you with a simple online search. Favor a physical meeting, in a kebab shop, a brasserie or a fishmonger to check that […]

The business plan : design before design

The visual aspect of the business plan — excluding the graphic charter It is not just a layout, but a document with a specific editorial structure. To arouse favorable interest among the reader, often a financial partner, a bank, he must reassure about the seriousness of the project which is presented. It goes through a […]

Eco-responsible & biosourced packaging design

The creation of packaging increasingly requires responding to pressure from consumers, public authorities and the media in terms of sustainability. And designers are working to develop ecological packaging, combining environmental awareness and technological advances, while optimizing the logistics flow of the production chain. Thus, the increasing use of […]

ChatGPT Prompts to integrate into a Data-design process for SEO

In 2007, a collective of web designers and engineers ( defined Data design standards as a set of tools and methods for optimizing editorial content. This concept then evolved by integrating Google’s EEAT criteria (Experience of the writer, Expertise, Authoritativeness (outreach) of the author, Trust (reliability) of the brand and domain). Data-Design […]

Support for victims of the February 6 earthquakes in Türkiye & Syria

On Sunday February 26, 2023, the Turkish community of Le Creusot welcomed the public to support the victims of the terrible earthquake of February 6 in Turkey and Syria. I participated in the organization of this event urgently and created all the communication elements thanks to the support of printers from Le Creusot, the CCI and […]

Management of communication projects for municipalities and public organizations : the challenges. Interview

You have set up communication tools for municipalities and territories such as the Bénouville town hall website, Martigny le Comte town hall website, scenography of the Saint-Quentin en Yvelines environment center, Identity visual and website of the Beauvaisis art school… These devices for […]

Public communication : developing the attractiveness of a territory.

Promoting the attractiveness of a territory is important for economic and social development. COVID and fiber make it easier to make new life choices for a balance between work and a pleasant and affordable living environment. Highlighting the assets of a territory through relevant communication becomes a […]

Creation of the Martigny le Comte coworking space

Coworking space can be a development factor for a village by offering benefits such as : Attraction of talents and entrepreneurs : a coworking space can attract creative and talented people who are looking for a place to work and connect with other people. Economic development : the coworking space can […]

Top 9 performance indicators for your website

Let’s say we have set up a new website that highlights your services to your target audience. Now comes the tricky part : how to measure the quality of your audience ?

2023 : Long live magenta !

The new color “Viva magenta” is a nuanced purple-red hue that adapts to a range of materials, textures and surfaces. It brings a touch of vibrant and bold color to all types of projects, whether for interior or exterior decoration, product design or even the creation of […]

August 31 : World Blog Day

The word Blog comes from the mixture between Web and Log, literally a logbook on the net.

July 8 : Video Game Day

Video games are celebrated at two times of the year : September 12 and July 8. Primarily used for recreational purposes, video games have exploded in popularity over the past few decades. They cover all generations, and both sexes. The very first video game was “Pong”, a rudimentary tennis game, so we were […]

June 28, 2022 : World Capital Letter Day

June 28 is dedicated to capital letters and, on a computer keyboard, writing entirely in capital letters is shouting, showing anger…

June 21 : International Slow Day

June 21st and it’s the longest day of the year, it’s an opportunity to take your time. And if you have nothing to do, it’s even better… you’ll take your time to watch the time go by !

Tuesday April 26, 2022 : World Intellectual Property Day

We generally speak of intellectual property to designate all works of the mind, whether they are inventions, literary or artistic works, designs, symbols, brand names (or domain names in the internet world!), logos, etc…

Thursday April 21, 2022 : World Day of Creativity and Innovation

Creativity is expressed in different ways, ranging from artistic expression (music, drawing, dance, literature, etc.) to the discovery of solutions in many fields, scientific, economic, social or even with regard to that of sustainable development.

Tuesday April 12, 2022 : International Human Space Flight Day

On April 12, 1961, Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin made the world’s first manned space flight.

Saturday April 9, 2022 : World Unicorn Day

Originally, the unicorn was a white horse with a goat’s head and cloven feet. Not very glamorous as a figurehead… in any case very, very far from the cute animal with a multicolored mane that we find today in children’s books. 

Tuesday April 5, 2022 : World Invisible Work Day

Giving visibility to the invisible, such is the challenge taken up by this global day of Canadian origin, celebrated for several years now — in principle on the first Tuesday of each month of April. Which means that for 2022 the day is celebrated on April 5. We usually talk about invisible work in the context […]

Very Peri year 2022 !

For 2022, the American color specialist has unveiled the flagship shade of the coming year : PANTONE 17–3938 Very Peri. It’s a warm bluish-purple or blue-violet, an enriched shade of periwinkle. According to Pantone, this shade expresses a lively and cheerful attitude that encourages creativity and imaginative expression. Very Peri is her […]

Branding inventory

One study found that while only 10 % people were able to remember written content, after three days, 65 % people were able to remember information presented in a visual form. 86 % of consumers say that authenticity is important when adopting a brand. 81 % of consumers surveyed said […]

Iconic websites of the 90s

The first : The World Wide Web Tim Berners-Lee launched the world’s first website, World Wide Web, on August 6, 1991. So yes, we can say that it is quite iconic. Overview Space Jam, the first online games This gem from 1996 is engraved in the memory of so many children of the years […]

Web projects : finiteness of collaboration between services

CMO + DSI = successful web projects To quickly adapt to new behaviors, CMOs (Chief Marketing Officer) and DSI (Director of IT Services) had to bring their project management processes closer together to accelerate the implementation of new services online. On the design side, the processes and tools feeding off these […]

Three interesting web design trends for 2022

Scrolly-telling Scrolly-telling is an increasingly popular way to leverage a digital interface and convey a complex story. These visual effects strive to captivate the audience, serving them engaging content on a silver platter. Scrollytelling is also called “narrative visualization” – a series of visual elements put in sequence, […]

Digital challenges for businesses in 2022

What you can communicate in just 15 seconds is incredible ! Many marketers are planning to use different forms of media in creative ways such as the rise of short-form video content in 2022 — what can be communicated in just 15 seconds is incredible ! By […]

Are pop-ups a relevant tool ?

Back in the day, pop-ups were a way for websites to keep content and ads from conflicting, which is why they opened in a new browser window. Over time, consumer backlash led to the removal of these early pop-up ads. But they reappeared in […]

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