Registering your establishment listing on Google and Google Maps

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Understanding and making the most of the digital tools available to you helps strengthen the visibility of your business. The Google Business Listing and its presence on Google Maps represent major strategic levers in this ecosystem.

  1. Maximizing visibility : In an ultra-competitive professional context, guaranteeing an optimal presence on Google is a strategic approach.
  2. Building credibility : A well-informed and regularly updated establishment file demonstrates professionalism and rigor appreciated by partners and clients.
  3. Interaction with the professional ecosystem : Reviews left can serve as qualitative indicators, and responding to them demonstrates commitment to your stakeholders.
  4. Centralization and provision of key information : Ensure essential business information is accessible, up-to-date and accurate.

The key steps for successful optimization :

  1. Master Google My Business : This is your preferred interface for managing the Google Business Listing and your presence on Google Maps.
  2. Complete with rigor : Every detail counts. From the categorization of your activity to your schedules, including highlighting your services, accuracy is essential.
  3. Ensure consistency : Make sure your information on Google matches that on your other professional media.

Path to follow

  1. On your computer, sign in to Google or create an account with an email address linked to your business domain.
  2. Go to “Create a file”, enter the name of your establishment or select it from the suggestions.
  3. Define your activity category and indicate whether your establishment welcomes the public. 
    • For establishments with on-site staff : Click “Yes” and indicate the address or place a marker on the map.
    • Otherwise, click “No” and specify the geographic area you serve (ideally within a two-hour drive from your location).
  4. Add a phone number and your website address.
  5. Click “Finish” and choose a validation option.

Ensuring an optimal digital presence is not only a question of visibility, but also of professional credibility. If you decide to create your company profile, I am available to support you in this process.


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