Menopause creates a new aesthetic trend on the market

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First there was millennial minimalism. Then there was the maximalism of Gen Z. Whenever a “new market” is clearly defined, an aesthetic eventually follows. But what about later stages of life ?

Historically, fashionable branding has always been the preserve of young people, but in recent years there has been a surge in companies catering to women entering menopause. Whether start-ups specializing in telehealth, such as Alloy And Evernow, or celebrity-backed (and founded) beauty and wellness brands, like stripes, the menopause market, once largely ignored by investors, is now estimated to be worth $16 billion by 2025.

This influx of funds and social awareness has prompted brands to rethink their design strategies in order to speak more authentically to women entering menopause and carve out a share of the booming menopause economy. Today, there is a true “menopause aesthetic,” defined by vibrant color palettes, organic shapes, hand-drawn illustrations, friendly serif typefaces, and refined logos.


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