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Print & digital design 2024 : Gérald Morales works as a freelance designer in agencies and in companies to develop communication strategies, produce their visual identity, graphic creations or tailor-made web interfaces.

Responsive web design : “Advanced mastery of responsive web design, ensuring an optimal user experience across all devices and platforms.”

WordPress development : “Expert in WordPress development, I create personalized, secure and scalable sites that precisely meet the specific needs of each client.”

SEO Optimization : “In-depth skill in SEO optimization, ensuring maximum visibility and higher ranking in search results, for qualified and sustainable web traffic.”

UI/UX Design : “Passionate about UI/UX Design, I design intuitive and engaging interfaces that improve user interaction and promote conversion.”

Web project management : “As an experienced web project manager, I successfully manage the delivery of complex projects, respecting deadlines and budgets, while exceeding client expectations.”

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