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The process of producing and transforming an idea into a commercial product is a jungle full of pitfalls. Setting up a pilot project is a crucial step that must be carried out successfully. 

A pilot project (the POC for Proof of Concept) is the first iteration of the project development process. Objective : determine if your idea can work in practice, by being both technically feasible and able to meet objectives set in advance : profitability, operation, use by the public. Proof of concept is a small-scale, lean, rapid, and low-risk development phase that aims to validate a concept through real-world experimentation and testing.

The advantage of the “POC” is its lightness : no heavy investment or restrictive technical development – the objective is to answer a single question : will my project be profitable ? The “POC” is therefore a design phase which precedes, if validated, that of the production of a product, software, project.

It is also at this stage of the project that the sandbox, a space for research and finalization of a first marketing approach, will be tested – both for its visual identity, its interface and its graphic style. For example, putting a mini website dedicated to the project online allows you to measure your audience with great finesse. This allows you to compare yourself to potential competition, discover new opportunities through the analysis of referring websites, define SEO tactics, etc.

POC : innovation modeste | Gérald Morales

When does a startup need a POC ?
A POC is a test carried out to validate a new idea. In certain situations where a POC is essential to save time and money :

  1. An entirely new idea
  2. Explore ways to differentiate your existing product
  3. A decision to make or buy

What makes collaboration more effective for a POC ?
Open innovation and collaboration with a company will help you be more effective in developing your POC :
Apply an idea to a real use case faster
Focus on risk reduction
Include clear measures of success

5 tips for an effective POC

  • Be present in the main ecosystem and main communities
  • Create a presentation of the company different from that of the investor
  • Allocate adequate resources
  • Be open to adapting your project
  • Set clear milestones and collect ongoing feedback

Different types of POC

1. Technical POC
When launching a new project, technical risks are often numerous. A technical POC is used to mitigate these risks by verifying that the technology stack can support the project requirements. This type of POC is usually carried out by a small team of engineers and focuses on solving a specific problem.

2. Business POC
A business POC is used to validate a business idea or concept. This type of POC is usually achieved by creating a prototype or minimum viable product (MVP). The MVP is then used to gather feedback from potential customers. This feedback is then used to validate the business concept and make any necessary adjustments.

3. POC marketing
A marketing POC is used to test a new marketing strategy or tactic. This type of POC is usually done with a small group of people in a controlled environment, such as a focus group. The goal of a marketing POC is to collect data that can be used to make decisions about launching the new marketing strategy on a larger scale.

4. Financial POC
A financial POC is used to test the feasibility of a new business model or investment. This type of POC is typically achieved by creating a financial model that projects the expected profitability of the business. The goal of a financial POC is to show that the concept is viable and worth investing in.


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