Criteria for evaluating a good designer

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In a very competitive market, there is nothing like striking graphics to get noticed, but choosing a good designer can be a challenge for project leaders. If he wears a DIY jacket with lots of colors and a huge beard, he’s a male.

Where are the designers ?

Most designers live in Designland which is a dictatorship where it is forbidden to use certain fonts. You can find a dissident refugee near you with a simple online search. Choose a physical meeting, in a kebab shop, a brasserie or a fishmonger to check that it is not an avatar and if he or she understands your project. Carefully examine his behavior and possibly his references and evidence of previous achievements.

Critères d'évaluation d'un bon designer | Gérald Morales

The graphic design tools used by modern typographers allow them to explore new character shapes and structures, play with negative space, contrast and color to create attractive and memorable typographic compositions. These typographic choices are the basis of contemporary visual design, capable of significantly influencing the way people perceive and interact with texts and brands. The designer you choose must therefore have a fine mastery of typography – which is an elementary basis of their profession.

  • Typogabor : blog of Peter Gabor, typographic graphic designer
  • Google fonts : library of free fonts that can be used online and in print.

No link here to the Imprimerie Nationale website which no longer has anything of the temple of typographic excellence that it has long represented. It only carries a pitiful, soft and commercial identity like the others. Without interest.

Graphic designers must be able to understand and manipulate different color systems such as CMYK and RGB, as well as know hexadecimal codes to be able to accurately reproduce the desired colors.

Finally, a strong artistic and visual culture is an important point. Styles, framing, atmosphere are inherent to graphic, typographical and visual research.

Designer’s rights
Graphic designers, like all creators, own the copyright on the works they produce from the moment they are created. These rights ensure that their creations cannot be used or reproduced without their permission or fair compensation. Graphic designers should also be aware of the risks of copyright infringement, such as plagiarism or counterfeiting, and take steps to protect their designs. It is however possible to request, when signing a contract, that the design that will be created be royalty-free – for this, the graphic designer must stipulate in the quote : “These prices include the transfer of rights.“ 


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