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The Naulimus association asked Gérald Morales to create its new website dedicated to the application of complex thinking in the field of health. Platform created with the aim of progressing in the development of more accurate and coherent clinical tables.

NAULIMUS is a recent Normandy association, born from in-depth observation of patients suffering from so-called refractory chronic pain, patients with high sensitivity, complex patients in palliative care, as well as patients in the field of reproductive health. Faced with these challenges, caregivers are constantly asked about levers that could improve their effectiveness.

This is why under the direction of Sébastien Abad, the creation of the website will serve as a platform for sharing experiences, reflections and advances in the application of complex thinking to health. The objective is to find more holistic and global approaches, in order to better understand and address the complex issues faced by caregivers in their daily practice.

This site also aims to create a dynamic and collaborative community, bringing together health professionals, researchers and people interested in exploring new perspectives in the field of health. Articles, case studies, resources and discussions are provided to deepen our understanding of complex thinking and its application in the healthcare context.

An original iconography was created specifically for the site to illustrate the notion of research and complexity in the hospital environment. On the technical side, the publication of articles makes it possible to restrict their reading to members only thanks to a sophisticated system of rights.


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