SEO = Editorial inflation ?

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In the world of online writing, inflation has gripped the industry, driven by the frantic quest for search engine rankings. Are we drowning ?

Websites generate an increasing quantity of content, a profusion of pages and articles, often with the aim of improving their SEO, the primary measure of their online visibility. This escalation of articles written like one draws icons : wonderful candies with bright colors intended to make you want to click — no matter why. It’s the number that matters : we like the clicks even if it means re-exploring the same concepts over and over again. In fact, content creators, fingers glued to their keyboards, find themselves swallowed up by this need to produce this optimized publishing flow, where the quality of information fades behind the obsession with ranking. In this frenetic production, the value of words dissolves, serving only to increase the pagerank of companies.

And ultimately, who will read these articles — and does it even matter ? We produce content above all for Google ! But the real scope of articles whose sole purpose is to be referenced, influence opinions not to serve an original conviction, but a quantity of points in Google pagerank.

Some key figures :

  • It is estimated that more than 70 % of clicks on Google search results stray into the top three organic positions, fueling the ranking frenzy.
  • In 2021, Google outrageously dominates the global search engine market, capturing more than 92 % of online searches, thus condemning content creators to submit to its laws.
  • More than 4.5 billion websites contribute to endless inflation and fierce competition for visitors’ attention.
  • The average time spent by users on a web page is reduced to fifteen seconds, reflecting the increasing difficulty for content creators to retain the attention of their audience.
  • The rapidly expanding online writing industry has grown to an estimated value of more than $400 billion by 2023, where quality seems to have become a rare commodity.


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