Visual identity

We analyze your history, your offers and your capabilities,
your market and your main competitors to identify
your differentiating factors and isolate your uniqueness.

For the creation, improvement or extension of a visual identity, we analyze the company’s history, its offerings and capabilities, its market and its main competitors to identify its differentiating factors and isolate its uniqueness. This is closely linked to its positioning, it makes the company indispensable, shapes its business relationships and distinguishes it on the market.

More than a simple logo, the visual identity is made up of colors, layout principles, iconographic rules, but must also be accompanied by a concept of editorial line studied specifically for the brand, the visuals then match the words to assert its positioning. And for online communication, our teams create the templates necessary to integrate the visual identity with powerful automation for multi-channel distribution. According to Daf Hughes, head of One Inch Punch, ” Since the redesign of our website by Webocube, our audience has increased considerably thanks to an editing space coupled with an exceptional design “.

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