Gérald Morales is a French artistic director known for his creative and innovative work in the world of visual creation and communication. Since the start of his career, he has made a name for himself thanks to his original and daring creations which skillfully combine aesthetics and modernity.

Gérald was able to get noticed by his peers thanks to his undeniable talent for creating visuals and non-media communication campaigns. His career has led him to work with many renowned brands and companies, both domestically and abroad.

Gérald proudly supports committed associations like ladentbleue, ventdebout71, nuclear in question… Its participation allows these associations to acquire solid communication tools, a strong and SEO-optimized online presence.

Beyond his training print graphic designer, since the 2000s, he has integrated the web into his skills and developed solid experience in the creation and management of websites by becoming a reference player on the very popular WordPress CMS. As Art Director, Gérald strives to provide top quality solutions to his clients, ensuring their websites are modern, attractive and easy to use.

Project management
Gérald is known for his ability to effectively manage deadlines and budgets, while ensuring that projects are delivered in a professional and high quality manner. As a project manager, he strives to maintain open and transparent communication with his clients and teams, which allows him to manage projects effectively and respond quickly to changes in direction.

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