We analyse your history, your offers and capacity,
your targeted audience and your main competitors.
Doing this enables us to identify the elements which make you unique,
which allows us to isolate your singularity.

To create and better, or to extend visual identity, we:

  • Analyse your company’s history
  • Take into account your offers and capacities
  • Find out more about your competitors

It is by identifying those different facts that we isolate your singularity.

You company’s identity is closely linked to its positioning, what makes your company irreplaceable and shapes its professional relations, distinguishing it from others. Visual identity is more than just a logo. It is made up of colors, layout and iconographic rules. It also has to be accompanied by a concept of editorial line, specifically studied for your brand. The visuals have to be in sync with the words to affirm its positioning.

For online communication, our teams create the necessary templates to integrate visual identity to powerful automatisms for a multicanal diffusion. According to Dad Hughes, responsible for One Inch Punch, « Since the redesign of our website by Webocube, our audience has considerably increased, thanks to an edition space paired with an exceptional design. »

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