Webocube’s maintenance service takes care of content updates each month 
for more security and a better performing SEO.

Externalize your website’s updates services

Our update services provides you with all the website creation and maintenance skills you may need.

Design integration : images management, content integration : creation of a new pages, altering texts, updating referencing tags. This monthly service is able to animate and update the website for a better SEO performance in order to make it more appealing to visitors. We study your websites structure and put in place tools of automatism, optimization and monitoring. This enables the updates to be optimal in terms of design and SEO.

Our technical team updates extensions/plugins on your website weekly. A regular monitor allows us to intervene in real time, in the event of a problem.
Each integrated article includes tags for referencing, chosen according to its themes. It can optionally be posted as well on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc…
Content updates
The website’s regular modernizing allows it to have a better referencing. Our modernizing services enables you to delegate the creation and online publication of your content.


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